Couple call 999 to get rid of salesman

Can be pushy these buggers:

But one couple became so frustrated at a salesman\’s refusal to leave their house after two hours that they called the police.

The trader was demanding a deposit for the £31,000 he quoted to replace their windows.

The couple, who have two young children, repeatedly asked him to leave before calling the police and handing him the phone so that a police officer could tell him to go.

Now all we need is a line to call to deal with the Jehovah\’s Witnesseses and the Mormon missionaries.

Can I suggest 666?

7 thoughts on “Couple call 999 to get rid of salesman”

  1. I have found (to my amazement) that Jehovah’s Witnesses can be fobbed off dealt with the same one-liner that I use to get rid of double glazing salesmen etc, namely “I’m sorry, I don’t live here.”

  2. I found the most effective way to get rid of the JWs was to agree to read the Watchtower (or whatever) and ask them to come back next week. When they did, I would hand them some atheistic propaganda and say that as I’d read theirs they must now read mine, and I’d see them in another week’s time. They never return.

  3. About that “666” thing…

    Not all that long ago, I read something to the effect that, somewhere along the line, there had occurred a mistake in translation or, perhaps, transcription and that the correct “number of The Beast is not “six-six-six” but, correctly, “six-one-six.” And here, I’ve been worrying needlessly for so many years.

  4. I never really had the heart to be rude to Jehovah’s Witnesses. A few used to turn up at my door in Manchester, and given I am always complaining about how rude people are in public life, I wasn’t going to tell them to eff-off just because everyone else does. I used to tell them I was not interested in anything they had to offer as JWs, but they were welcome to talk about anything else. Normally they did, and were more interesting than, say, Guardian columnists.

  5. I used to do Medieval Re-enactment and on quite a few occasions after weekend battles I would be at home cleaning my armour and weaponry.

    I have been to door when JW’s have called with swords in my hand – because I had been cleaning it and didn’t want to put it down – I have never seen JW’s run so fast in my lfe.

    Other times they have called and they asked about my religion and I have uttered the words – “My belief is in the God Mithras” – who is the god of war.

    They tend to scarper pretty rapidly and tend to avoid the house completely in future.

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