FFS, please, someone get the cluebat!

Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns Mike Childs said:

"Nick Clegg is absolutely right to call for a green energy revolution – the only sustainable future for the UK is one based on a combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency," said Mike Childs, head of campaigns.

"Building a thriving renewable energy industry will help us avoid disastrous climate change, tackle rising energy prices and create hundreds of thousands of jobs – paving the way for a successful low carbon economy."

Creating hundreds of thousands of jobs is a cost of such schemes, not a benefit!

Please, can we have a little less economic idiocy and a little more sober thought?

5 thoughts on “Cretins Again!”

  1. I think the plan is to develop the “renewables industry” and simultaneously demand the whole world adopt the technology, so providing an export marketplace to sell into. In the meantime, a good wodge of rent-seeking will keep in the manner in which they don’t deserve.

  2. “wasnt the UK energy independent just a few yars ago??”

    No, I think we’ve been importing most our energy from the sun for some time now.

    The other piece of idiocy that Tim does not mention is the push for energy efficiency. Improved efficiency is generally a good thing, but it will probably increase overall energy consumption – this is Jevons’ Paradox. I haven’t got a problem with this, but I assume that what the Greens want is to reduce total energy consumption – they should therefore probably be pushing for greater inefficiency in energy use.

  3. Robert-what the Greens usually mean in the case of “energy efficiency” is the narrow case of hvac in buildings. A subset of that is retrofitting existing residential with increased insulation, better windows, etc. In that case, energy usage is usually reduced. Otherwise, e.g., increased fuel economy in transportation,I think you are correct-Jevon’s Paradox does arise.

  4. Nuclear reactors produce clean, cheap, reliable power for less than a nickel/kwh.
    Wind power costs about $1.20/kwh.
    Only nincompoops, or professional liars, could come up with reasons for wind power.

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