Cretins all around

Onward, then, to a republic of peasant proprietors, where we can grow our cake and eat it!
Chris Smaje
Frome, Somerset

You might want to do that backbreaking drudgery in the fields matey but the rest of us are extremely happy with this civilisation idea that has made it a bad memory thanks very much.





2 thoughts on “Cretins all around”

  1. what are the choices when fossil fuel runs out??
    organic farming by peasants
    non organic farming by peasants,,

    the future legions of stooped peasants would like to know

  2. given that fossil fuels show no sign of running out, your question’s premise is moot. Also, those are not the only alternatives; just off the top of my head, some GM technologies seek to make FF-based fertilisers redundant.

    But when fossil fuels become too expensive for crop use, farmers will substitute other inputs. Or other FF users will substitute. Whatever. Armageddon isn’t heading our way – sorry if that disappoints you

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