Cretins, cretins

We\’re ruled by cretins.

Joan Ruddock, the Environment Minister, described Ludlow as “the way forward” after being given a tour of the unit this week.

She said: “Anaerobic digestion is extremely attractive. Why would we go on throwing food waste into holes in the ground when we could generate our own electricity and end up with a product that can be returned to the soil?

The reason, my dear, is that when we throw food into landfill we already collect the methane that comes off. And we also use it to generate electricity. In fact, it\’s a law (Landfill Act 2004) that insists that we must.

So what you\’re proposing is a vastly more expensive system of doing something that we already do.


8 thoughts on “Cretins, cretins”

  1. “Can’t we use the food waste to feed pigs, instead?”

    No. Because then we’d have a fat wonky-jawed Fifer in a high-viz jacket and boots visiting farms and taking the right long term decisions over foot-and-mouth.

  2. “No. “

    Yeah, I know. It was a bit of a rhetorical question. I liked the juxtaposition of pigs at trough with Westminster too much… 😉

  3. Landfills don’t collect all of their methane emissions. Anareobic digesters (broadly) do. As methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas, this makes landfills far more damaging to the atmosphere, presuming that climate change is happening as subscribed to by the political elite.

    And the Landfill Act doesn’t enforce electricity generation from landfills, merely the capture and flaring of emissions (less the diffuse emissions which, as above, escape into the atmosphere). Given that they must capture the emissions anyway, most landfill operators find it economic to generate electricity as well.

  4. Can’t help thinking we could solve a lot of problems if we were only allowed to keep a piggy, and some chickies, in the back garden like they did in the old days.

  5. I doubt that you would find many rats, seagulls, houseflies, cockroaches or feral cats in a digester though.

    I suspect, that from the public health point of view, digesters probably win out over landfill. And I was under the impression that waste collection was originally, and remains, a public health measure.

    And as I understand it, the one week collection period was originally selected to disrupt the breeding cycle of flies and vermin.

    Perhaps it is time to revisit why we brought in waste disposal in the first place.

  6. More about this here

    Essentially, the private sector was investing in these until zealous interpretation of an EU directive made it uneconomic. So now we subsidise them insted.

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