Other options, including a stamp duty holiday, are being held back for further consideration.

Christ on a bike….don\’t these morons understand that uncertainty about the legal and tax environment is what cripples markets?

It doesn\’t matter what decision you take about stamp duty. Abolish it, double it, leave it as it is.

But take the decision now you cretins!

7 thoughts on “Cretins”

  1. It’s bloody hilarious. Watching this government self-destruct with measures like this is truly a spectator sport.

  2. “It would be bloody funny if it wasn’t /my fucking country/ they are destroying.”

    Well people knew exactly what New Labour was like in 2005. And we all had adequate warning about Gordon Brown. So those who kept this lot in power can suck it up as far as I’m concerned (I do feel sorry for the innocent people, but collective punishment is what you get when you have socialists in power).

  3. “Well people knew exactly what New Labour was like in 2005. ”

    Well, I knew back in 1997 and I think 11 years is more than enough punishment.

  4. …and 18 years of Thazza and Mazzer was probably enough for the chaps in Merthyr Tydfil.

    Hell, if a socialist party had actually ever taken power, instead of a party which did the same thing as the Tories except for hating the queers and the single mums slightly less, I might even have had some sympathy for its opponents over the last 11 years…

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