Curate\’s egg

This article is. Some very confused ideas about the costs of drugs:

Kidney cancer drugs could be produced for about a tenth of their current cost, Rawlins said. While developing such medicines from scratch added to these costs, as did some \’unnecessary\’ bureaucracy around clinical trials which should be scrapped, he said that was not the whole story.

Well, actually, at £550 million in development costs that is indeed a very large part indeed of the story. But this is excellent:

Rawlins, who is also the outgoing chair of the Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs, also backed up suggestions last week by a senior government drugs adviser that drug crackdowns were misdirected. \’Parliamentarians think there\’s a legislative way out of it and there isn\’t,\’ he said, adding that it was \’absurd\’ to suggest teenagers could be locked up for possessing a few cannabis joints. \’There are criminal justice elements to the solution, but it\’s primarily a public health problem,\’ he added.

They are indeed primarily a public health problem.


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  1. “Share prices were driven by profits, he said. ‘Pharmaceutical companies have enjoyed double-digit growth year on year and they are out to sustain that, not least because their senior management’s earnings are related to the share price. It’s not in their interests to take less profit, personally as well as from the point of view of the business.”

    Businesses exist to make a profit…? Well I never!

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