Jack Heath from Australia set up Inspire, a web-based organisation designed by and for young people that supports the 75% of youth who have mental health problems and who don\’t seek help and encourages civic engagement.

75% of youths have mental health problems? Or 75% of youths who have metnal health problems don\’t seek help? Or 75% of youth with mental health problems encourage civic engagement?

Bit clunky for a professional journalist, don\’t you think?

6 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. The clue is “encourages”, singular, which relates to “web based organisation” rather than “75% of youth who have mental health problems and who don’t seek help”, but if they’re not seeking help, why on earth would they turn to this website?

    So the whole thing is pointless.

  2. His problem starts with the absence of a single noun to mean “people who have mental health problems”. If he’d referred to young ‘loonies’ we’d more easily have seen what he meant, although ‘loony’ does suffer from imprecision. Mimsy squeamishness about words is decadent. But even a euphemism, however lame, however temporary (for all euphemisms become too blunt with age) would do better than a clunking phrase such as “people who have mental health problems”.

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