"With eight billion people, we\’re going to have to start getting interested in soil," he said. "We\’re simply not going to be able to keep treating it like dirt."

Nice article: how to stop climate change by sticking charcoal into the soil.

Freeman Dyson has made similar comments I seem to remember.

3 thoughts on “Excellent!”

  1. Would sequestering carbon help stop global cooling?

    “Climate change” is the mealy mouthed expression adopted by alarmists in the teeth of evidence that there has not been the predicted warming for a decade. Locking carbon is soil might stop the slight recent historical upward temperature trend – IF carbon emissions are causing it.

  2. “Farm-equipment companies, aware of the problem, put huge tires on their machines to spread out the impact. And farmers are using satellite navigation to confine vehicles to specific paths, leaving the rest of the soil untouched. ”

    Sounds like we need more agribusiness conglomerates (Monsanto, Bayer CropScience, and Syngenta). The large farm operations can afford the technology. They are also the most motivated to do so. As for seeing the problem, the industry obviously already has. Otherwise, there would not be these market-driven solutions.

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