I\’ve been yammering on about this for years:

The Government\’s fixation with fuel poverty stands in the way of sensible policies on energy taxation. One of Gordon Brown\’s first acts on becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1997 was to reduce VAT on domestic fuel. With the Government now committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, this should be reversed, with the increase to the full rate of VAT phased in gradually over a few years.

Now there\’s two of us, hurrah!

2 thoughts on “Finally!”

  1. Assuming that there is any useful purpose in reducing carbon dioxide emissions…

    …No, let’s make no such assumption – it just encourages the buggers…

    …On the other hand, raising VAT on domestic fuel would turn an electoral massacre into near-annihilation.

    What to do…? My brain hurts.

  2. Because that will go down really well.

    Just after a 35% increase in the price of domestic gas, you plan a further 10% or whatever, with the money being handed (like all VAT receipts) straight to Brussels.

    Yeah, great politics.

    Tim adds? Eh? VAT receipts go straight to Brussels? Who on earth told you that? I think it’s 1.5% of the 17.5% that does…..

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