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Act to redress the health brain drain, focusing on investment in increased health human resources and training and bilateral agreements to regulate gains and losses.

That looks very much like global controls on the migration of nurses. That Phillippina cannot move to the US unless an American nurse is willing to move to Manila perhaps?

That is, she\’s a slave to the Phillippine health care system….all in the name of equity, of course.

2 thoughts on “Glorious!”

  1. Tim,

    My wife is Philippina, and tells me that the Philippines trains far more nurses than it needs for itself, they are a major export.

    The same is NOT true of many African countries tho.

    Alan Douglas

  2. This rule might stop countries like Australia bludging on the UK for doctors instead of training its own.
    If this was brought about there would be more equitable education in Australia.

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