Good God!

I don\’t think my social standing will ever recover from this.

I\’m actually in agreement with Ritchie Bubba.

Can we cancel London 2012 now?

Of course, I have long maintained that with the quality of Government procurement in the UK we\’re actually hoping that someone else will take the 2013 games off our hands but still….

2 thoughts on “Good God!”

  1. Well I watched the opening extravaganza (and even got bored during that), cried me eyes out, and I haven’t tuned in since. I wonder how many others around the world have the same approach. And how might it affect the UK effort.

    Because it strikes me, we could settle for one pretty good stadium, fancy fireworks, and all the showbiz. Real good blast at the beginning, with free chips for the audience in the arena.

    And then just quietly transport all the athletes to existing sportsgrounds around the country. No-one would ever notice they were actually at Cleckheaton public baths, or a running track with rather a lot of fat schoolchildren on it.

    Then at the end of it all, we could bus them all back to the big stadium for the grand finale, flag-waving, speeches, love-in and synchronised crying. More fireworks. Then we just give them some more chips , hell, lets push the boat out, free beer, and they go home as usual. (Except for the ones who only came here to claim asylum- they will most assuredly find one.)

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