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Songwriters are being feted by the European commission which wants to extend musicians\’ royalty rights from 50 years to a very generous 95 years.

The EU is making no proposals at all about songwriters\’ royalties. They are currently protected to 70 years after death. The mooted change is that mechanical rights, the rights to a specific recording of a song, should be extended from the current 50 years after recording to 95 years after such.

On the (not too outlandish) assumption that a recording falling out of mechanical copyright will be sold, bought and played more as a result of the fall in price (and yes, there are companies that specialise in releases of such recordings just moving out of copyright), and that such sales and plays will still pay the songwriters\’ royalties, the EU\’s change will in fact reduce songwriter\’s royalties.

3 thoughts on “Guardian Leader Writers”

  1. Buggering bastards! One of the marvels of the age is that many sublime classical recordings are now cheap because of the 50 years rule and, wonder of wonders, the best popular music there’s ever been – the jazz of the 20s and 30s – is also cheapo, cheapo. And some euroshite wants to upfuck it. Hang ’em.

  2. Did you think you could enjoy yourself for free, dearieme…? Without the EU wondering how to seperate you from the money you’re not paying?

    You should know better! 😉

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