I told you…

This organic movement, they want to kill us all:

Worrall Thompson, 57, recommended a weed called henbane as an excellent addition to salads in a recent magazine article.

The herb is in abundant supply, locally grown and organically produced – the only problem is it contains a potentially fatal poison.

So, is he a member of the Optimum Population Trust?

4 thoughts on “I told you…”

  1. My wife, a plant enthusiast, was eating lunch with some friends at a restaurant in our (secure undisclosed location) town. The waiter brought salads which he proudly described as being made from greens grown in the establishment’s own organic garden. My wife noticed that each salad contained a good helping of poison hemlock. There was a sudden scurrying among the restaurant employees.

  2. What the bloody hell did Anthony W-T think a plant ending in —bane was going to be? It’s called henbane because hens, which are deeply stupid animals that will peck at anything green and leafy, eat it and drop dead.

  3. Because Anthony is actually a little bit thick perhaps?

    Person of Choler. If that’s true, and I have no reason to doubt you, I will be relating that tale for a while. Made I laugh!

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