Interesting, No?

However, in a statement, EDF Energy said: "As regards prices in France and the UK, the reason that French electricity bills are lower is nuclear power.

"Customers in France benefit from low-carbon electricity which is 80 per cent generated by nuclear power plants. Most of the rest is hydro power. By contrast, Britain is heavily reliant on fossil fuels for its electricity – 75 per cent of electricity generation in the UK is from coal or gas-fired plants.

"So, with nuclear, France is largely insulated from soaring fossil fuel prices for electricity while Britain is hugely exposed.

"As a result, a typical EDF customer in France pays £332.50 per annum for electricity while an EDF Energy customer in UK pays £442.07."

Yes, nuclear does have different costs, decomissioning for a start. It\’s also hugely subject to the rate of interest, given the large upfront costs.

Whether it is in fact cheaper or not is a little more difficult to divine though, given the huge State interventions (on both sides of the Channel).

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