Irish logic

The Irish Republic may need to hold a second referendum on the EU\’s Lisbon Treaty, despite its rejection by voters in June, an Irish minister says. Irish Europe Minister Dick Roche said that "because we\’ve already had a referendum on this issue I think the people will have to be consulted".

Erm, haven\’t you just consulted them and they told you to bugger off?

3 thoughts on “Irish logic”

  1. It’s bordering on harassment of the population. I wonder if the police can arrest the Irish Government for stalking?

  2. Letters From A Tory

    Ha, what a moron. Nigel Farage made the same point in the European Parliament when pro-Lisbon politicians said they had to learn why the Irish voted ‘no’. Like Nigel Farage, I suspect it has something to do with not wanting the Lisbon Treaty.

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