Is this true?

The EU\’s determination to tag sheep was always going to end in trouble. In theory, it sounded laudable to compile an electronic database so every sheep in Europe can be traced in the event of a BSE-like disease that jumped to humans.

In practice, it now looks as if the tag could be worth more than the sheep. And the only evidence of need for such a tracing system came from a botched trial in which scientists got cows\’ and sheeps\’ brains mixed up.

Are the tags worth more than the sheep?

3 thoughts on “Is this true?”

  1. Could be if it’s some special EU tag. We tag all our cows down here for the same reason but the cows can be worth quite a bit ~AUD$1k each.

    Australia banned feeding ground up animals to other animals in the 60’s for some unrelated reason, that’s why were considered clean.

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