It\’s quite unpleasant.


girl-on-girl action

6 thoughts on “It\’s quite unpleasant.”

  1. ““with animals committing fellatio…”

    Well, it’s all subjective, I suppose.”

    Doesn’t that depend on whether you are putting your willy in the dog’s mouth? Forgive me for my simplistic approach, but I would have thought that was rather important.

  2. Well, I’m rather too closed-minded for the practice of bestiality and – without wanting to make unfair assumptions regarding the sexual proclivities of Dr Hawes – I think that the gentleman quoted in the linked article agrees.

    “My buddies used to go for anything on two legs, and I’d say to them ‘why limit yourself?'”
    – Emo Phillips

  3. “Well, I’m rather too closed-minded for the practice of bestiality…”

    And really too closed-minded for the theory of it, I hasten to add. If there are any nauseating nightmares then you shall be blamed, Monty.

  4. Shocking that a writer known for his light hearted children’s tales about a monkey teaching at the University should own such filth!!!!!

    It is hard to believe that anyone who had deeply read Kafka would be fazed by any amount of strange material he might have possessed. In a letter Kafka wrote that one couldn’t send kisses in the mail because they would be eaten by ghosts. The man was strange. Sure most men would prefer to view Paris Hilton with her mouth full rather than Lassie, but then again, most men couldn’t have written “The Trial”, either.

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