John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

Yup, it was all true.

Well, maybe and maybe not. Now the two things are, is he the father of the child? Further, do we actually believe this about the payoffs?

He insisted he had "not been engaged in any activity of any description that requested, agreed to or supported payments of any kind to the woman or to the apparent father of the baby".

A televised confession by Mr Edwards taped by ABC News, which had been investigating the affair, was due to be broadcast late on Friday night.

Fred Baron, the chief fundraiser for Mr Edwards, indicated that money had been given to Ms Hunter and Andrew Young, the former Edwards aide, who is married with children, who has said he is the father.

"I decided independently to help two friends and former colleagues rebuild their lives when harassment by supermarket tabloids made it impossible for them to conduct a normal life," said Mr Baron, a Dallas trial lawyer.

Up to you really.

One thing that is really going to grate amongst the more po-faced American journos is that once again it was the National Enquirer the broke the story while they all looked the other way as if someone had just farted at the dinner table.

4 thoughts on “John Edwards and Rielle Hunter”

  1. I take your point Timmy, about the reaction to the National Enquirer. And it tells us that the mainstream media really really didn’t want to hear the fart.

    But what I loathe about him is a little more visceral. He kicked his missus when she was down (still is regrettably- cancer). Somehow, there is something ultra sleazy about showing your wife the woman you will be screwing when she is dead.

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