Just how many bureaucrats does the EU employ?

Well, it\’s certainly not the Open Europe figure, that\’s for sure.

A study released by the Open Europe think tank, which wants to control the influence and scale of the EU, has found that 170,000 people now work for EU institutions.

The group claimed that the difficulty of finding out how many officials worked in Brussels showed a lack of transparency and left the EU open to "influence from lobbyists."

Open Europe said the figure is nearly six times more than the 32,000 Brussels bureaucrats which EU bosses have traditionally claimed are needed to run the EU.

For the local council worker who insists you must recycle is enforcing EU law. Those trading standards officers who confiscated the undersized kiwi fruit were enforcing EU law. The court that fined those fishermen into bankruptcy over the 19 tonnes of illegally landed sole were enforcing EU law. The prosecution for selling beer in half litres is enforcing EU law. Those subsidies for windmills marching across the country are all about EU law.

The number who work for the EU is not to be calculated by counting the number who get their paycheque from them. It\’s to be calculated by counting those who enforce its dictats, not just the number who write them.

So a goodly portion of all of those who work for the provincial governments, the regional ones (which are themselves an EU imposition) and local authorities work for them.

It\’s some tens of millions, not tens of thousands.

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  1. Eh? The UK government/courts have every right under EU law to allow the sale of beer in half-litres, and to not fine fishermen into bankruptcy – they just choose not to.

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