Looking for a place in London

Oooohkay. Looks like it\’s nearly official.

I\’m to be working in London from Oct onwards for 10 months or so. Thus I need to find some place to rest my weary etc.

Yes, I can have a look around the flat share boards etc, and will do.

I\’ve got a sorta offer of a place out in Dartford which would have the merit of being rather cheap. However I\’d much rather actually be in London itself. As it\’s decades since I lived there I\’m a little out of touch with what is where and so on.

I\’ll be working in St James\’, which in a perfect world would mean I lived somewhere between Westminster and Pimlico say, walking distance. Of course, everyone and their mother also want to live in said areas: the only cheapish place anywhere near there is Victoria, isn\’t it? Or Vauxhall maybe? I\’d much rather walk 20 minutes than take the tube….and definitely would prefer being on the tube to the railways.

Don\’t need anytihng fancy: just a bedroom with access to a kitchen and bathroom.

Anyone got any bright ideas? Anyone with an unused loft?

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  1. I lived in a tiny flat up in a former council house (refurbished/stripped back to original features) with a couple of others at the highest point of Hampstead village. Cheap and views to Greenwich. I could try and get in touch with the bloke (this was back in 2000!). I only mention it because it was the most beautiful place I have ever lived in in terms of surroundings and views…

    Tim adds: Sounds fun….I’m really going to be in London to work though. Ten days there, four back here sort of thing. So views and so on don’t really matter: 8-7 in the office, a few pints and then do it all again is likely to be my experience of London. Thus the low transport sort of requirements.

  2. Clearly you haven’t done this in a while.

    You’d need to give more info.
    How cheap are we talking?
    Single or Double Room/Bed?

    Living on your own or with others if so, what sort of people, would you consider hairy legged marxist lesbians, etc….

    Tim adds: Quite, I haven’t done this in, umm, 20 years. I guess what I’m really after is some idea of what is possible. I’d certainly take a single room in Westminster at £700 a month over a lovely double in Stratford at £500 for example.

  3. Speaking as a Blackheath/Greenwich resident, I think you’re restricting yourself a bit. I find mainline rail a great more congenial than the tube. I know a very good guesthouse in Blackheath close to Westcome Park mainline rail too….


  4. you should maybe think about extending a litttle way South of the river – Stockwell or Battersea. Pimlico and Victoria are full of MPs driving up the rents!

  5. I had a flat in Vauxhall Bridge Road for a couple of years right near Victoria, great place to live and enjoy town. Easy to get to work – you could even walk across green park fro some exercise in the morning.

  6. My sister is looking to rent a room out in Clapham. Double room, en-suite. She is ideally looking to rent it out to someone who commutes weekly and the rent would reflect that. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you some more details. Might be too far out for you though.

  7. Agree with those suggesting SW1–there are lots of places available. Assume you’ve been checking the appropriate websites and services… for share rentals and bedsits, gumtree and loot, larger sites for larger spaces… good luck!

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