Almost Proustian, no?

Fish and chips is not only one of Britain’s favourite dishes – it is also the nation’s favourite smell, according to a study.

Britons’ judged the mouth-watering aroma of fish and chips to be even better than the scent of freshly baked bread and clean sheets.

The survey, of 3,000 people, also saw freshly cut grass, frying bacon, lemon zest and the smell of a roast dinner, in the top ten favourite smells.

Fish and chips was the overall favourite scent, but when it came to the smell that is cleanest and freshest, the majority of people rated lemon as top.

Researchers also found more than 53 per cent of people felt happy when they caught a smell of their favourite scent, while 46 per cent said it relaxes them.

Professor Tim Jacob, a scent expert at Cardiff University, said: “The sense of smell connects the deep subconscious regions of the brain and triggers different emotions and behaviours.

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