Mariella Frostrup

I thought she was supposed to be the thinking man\’s crumpet? Taken over from Joan Bakewell?

However, his observation left others unimpressed. The broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, who was once told by a producer on Stephen Fry\’s show QI that there were so few women on the programme because “there just aren\’t any intelligent women out there”, was quick to criticise. She said: “He lists women because he couldn\’t possibly name all the men in positions of power in TV because he would be there all bloody day.

“He talks about middle-class white men being a beleaguered species on television. Well, excuse me, but Jonathan Ross, Jeremy on Newsnight. Look at the Today programme, Have I Got News for You, Newsnight. It seems to me that TV is a fantastic place for middle-class white males.”

Today is of course a radio programme.

2 thoughts on “Mariella Frostrup”

  1. Jonathan Ross is a gabby chav and Jeremy Vine no more than an upwardly mobile working class lad. Nothing Middle Class about either of them.

  2. a bit picky of you, Tim, given that the other references are solidly to TV programmes and presenters. I suspect that J Woss, rather like Nigel Kennedy, is a solid middle-class kid doing his best to seem a chav for whatever reason. In fact, I have some memory of being told once that his father was Alan Ross, poet and editor of literary magazines…not too sure whether to believe it though.

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