Misunderstanding the Nordics

Classic Guardian letters page here.

Maddy Bunting, in brief, said that one of the reasons the Nordics work (for said Nordics) is that the society itself emphasises the communal over the individual. But that this wouldn\’t work here as our society emphasises the individual over the communal.

At which point all the letter writers insist that we should indeed be more communal.

Which might even be true (not that I believe so) but they\’ve entirely missed her point. That because we\’re not communal in that sense, the Nordic model won\’t work here.

2 thoughts on “Misunderstanding the Nordics”

  1. The thought process is an individual phenomenon–and that includes thought persuading the individual to behave (more or less) communally. No matter how communal a group behaves, the collective never (and can never) “think”; that will happen only with the individuals comprising the group.

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