Muhammed Cohen

Sniggering at someone\’s name is of course appalling behaviour.

But which of the cohanim named their son Muhammed?

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  1. It seems the joke is his…

    In 2002, Cohen married an Indonesian, Muslim woman. He was married in Indonesia by an Imam who was also the uncle of his wife. When asked how they reacted to his being Jewish, he indicated that the main concern was that he was circumcised and being a Jew insured that this was not an obstacle. Cohen uses this anecdote to prove his point that Muslims and Jews are not all that different. He insists that his Judaism did not present a problem for the local community there or his wife’s family.

    The couple gave birth to their first child in early 2007. It was around this time period that he adopted the name Muhammad and explains that it proves that the “Muhammads” and the “Cohens” are not all that different. Can’t we all just get along?

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