Mushrooms ground jet

Or something.

The latest Ryanair incident happened as a Boeing 737-800 jet was passing over German airspace on its way from the Hungarian capital to Dublin on Monday night.

A man was said to have complained of a swollen neck after the liquid dripped onto him from luggage above.

The pilot and crew took the decision to divert immediately to Frankfurt-Hahn airport where emergency services were on stand-by to treat him.

Describing the liquid as a "vegetable oil/mushroom soup-type-substance", a spokeswoman for the carrier said: "There was no \’burning substance\’ or burns involved.

OK, all most commendable, ediverting a plane because of an allergic reaction.

However, umm, you\’re not allowed to take liquids in hand baggage, are you? So what was it doing in the cabin in the first place?

(I also have the same reaction to Hungarian cuisine actually. Allergic to paprika.)

3 thoughts on “Mushrooms ground jet”

  1. Well, as a colleague just said to me: “…a random bloke, on a random flight, with random things stored in the locker above his randomly selected seat … and it happens to leak .. onto him … and he’s allergic to it? Were they filming ‘Final Destination 4’ or something?”


  2. defrosted mushrooms – that’s what I heard- started out frozen solid.
    I used to bring back frozen german sausages on Ryanair flights- now that would have made a good story.

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