Two of the most important paintings in Britain could be lost to the nation unless £100 million is found to keep them.

Let \’im flog \’em.

At least one of the greatest of the moderns, Lucian Freud – recently crowned the world\’s most expensive living artist – has testified to the impact upon his own life and artistic taste of the very paintings that are now up for sale. When asked in 2001 about Titian\’s work, Freud revealed that, when staying in the Scottish Borders, he had travelled almost every day to see the two Dianas in Edinburgh. “To me, these are simply the most beautiful pictures in the world,” he said.

Lucian\’s got enough cash himself. If they\’re that important to him let him buy them.

Why should the dustman be taxed to provide freebies for the rich?

2 thoughts on “Naaaah”

  1. Considering that visitors are kept at a distance in gallery and most of them aren’t art experts, would anyone notice if a decent copy was put up? And if not, why not just flog the lot off and fill the galleries with copies?

  2. the conundrum; There is no sane reason to subsidise the arts which are quite capable of making money on their own if of sufficient quality, but they are anyway.

    Because of this most artists vote left, as this is the best guarantee of maintaining said subsidy.

    But rich ceo’s often avail themselves to be chairmen of the royal opera etc – hence the tories keep them too to help them keep their political donations up.

    how do we end this madness?

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