Now here\’s a UKIP idea

Thanks Mark for pointing out in the comments to my last but one post the similarity between Nigel Farage and Dmitry Medvedev.

Right, right, so how do we take advantage of this fact?

We send Nigel over to the Kremlin, Nigel drugs, binds and gags Dmitry and hides him in a cupboard. Nigel then sends in a peace keeping force to the UK, deposes New Labour and appoints UKIP as a puppet government.

You know, it might just work!

3 thoughts on “Now here\’s a UKIP idea”

  1. So if Nigel Farage replace Medvedev then perhaps we could also replace Putin with Dobby from the Harry Potter films. Being a CGI effect would make it hard to pull off I admit but it’s worth a try.

  2. No Ross – we send Andrew Marr over. Apparently last time he was in Moscow, guards were falling over themselves saluting him…

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