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That is, as long as they are taught properly. Schools often fail to equip children with anything other than a fragmented, phrase-book command of foreign tongues. Language instruction is caught in a vicious cycle: grammar is eschewed for fear of putting children off and a lack of grammatical foundations means they never reach the level of actually enjoying access to the riches a language can offer – new music, new books, new friends. The subject is made harder, not easier, by learning random phrases with no framework to hold them together.

Umm, there\’s nothing in that that doesn\’t also apply to the learning of English itself. So we\’re to have grammar lessons in English are we? Perhaps elocution lessons (for the language lab repetition of phrases in French ios just that)?

Can\’t say it would be abad idea, either, but I\’m pretty certain that the Observer leader writing team would have hissy fits if that was actually seriously suggested.

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