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Which leads to an odd but rather interesting conclusion. Both Donald Tump and Warren Jeffs (of that Moromon break away group, the FLDS) are alpha males. Trump has had huge success in this world, Jeffs not so much. But because while one has been serially monogamous, the other serially polygamous, Jeffs is going to have a much greater influence on the future human gene pool than Trump.

2 thoughts on “Off thought of the day”

  1. Which suggests a propensity to polygamy should spread through the gene pool until we’re all at it.

    And yet it hasn’t. Presumably the stress of ‘running’ more than one wife turns a man infertile.

    Tim adds: Could be, although it might be that the competing genetic interests of those multiple/single wives have led to a standoff.

  2. The thing about the Warren Jeffs method, is this. What happens to the young male offspring? They have no future. They can’t be alpha males, unless unfeasible numbers of new females can be recruited. The stresses on that community are bound to become untenable.

    The alpha male concept works well in packs of wolves, only because they do not have the intelligence or knowledge that life can be lived any other way.

    It will not take much for aggression to destabilise the Jeffs community. And it is too totalitarian to adapt to challenging behaviour.

    Trump, on the other hand, is endlessly adaptive. He reacts to adversity and dissent by paying inconvenient people to go away. Then he buys another set of people.

    Tim ads: agreed, it’s a Ponzi shceme….although with wolves it’s a little different. Only the alpha female has pups, so it balances.

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