What have you all signed off on?

Dr Allison Fraser, who is in charge of Sandwell Council, signed up to attend the Avatar Professional Course.

The Avatar website claims the course teaches people how to become “more real, authentic”, to “protect themselves against the abrasions of the world” and “gain a connection with the undefined self”. It also teaches its students how to “obtain the keys to successfully operate in the world”.

Avatar was established by Harry Palmer, a former missionary in the Church of Scientology. It is thought he devised the Avatar theory during a prolonged session in a flotation tank.

2 thoughts on “Oh dear Bob”

  1. Well, at least Bob’s thetans will be well xenu’d, in his absence (the core of this cult seeming to be ‘have you paid’!). Or whatever.

    Beats being one of the City of London constables who broke up the “Scientology = Scam” protest.

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