Oh Dear Lord

The latest thing is that global warming will poison us all.

Global warming is increasingly affecting the quality of the air that everyone is breathing.

She then goes on to talk about low level ozone and particularates.

Erm, no, these are nothing to do with global warming. Nothing at all.

Sure, they can be produced by the burning of fossil fuels, but their existence and or effects are not changed by GW: this is a classic case of confusing correlation and causation.

We can also (and we in the rich world have done) reduce their prevalence by scrubbers, catalytic convertors, and so on….without (unfortunately) reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.

Schachter also noted that the incidence of asthma rose 100% between 1894 and 1980. During that time there was a similarly sharp rise in CO2 levels, so some researchers are looking into whether there\’s a link.

Err, no. Most researchers (ie, those not trying to leap aboard tthe GW funding caravan) say that it\’s the increasing cleanliness of our lives that is causing the rise in asthma. The ickle babbies\’ immune systems are not getting primed.

Similarly, around the world, malaria and dengue fever outbreaks are becoming more common and more severe. They\’ve even reached places like Texas and Florida.

Err, Texas and Florida were malarial pestilences, not all that long ago. So was Norfolk. It was wiped out by public health measures: this is nothing to do with temperature changes.

Look, we\’ve got enough to worry about with GW without every dingbat and their mother blaming their bunions on it. Please, can we stop this?

3 thoughts on “Oh Dear Lord”

  1. What exactly have we got to worry about with GW, Tim? It is unlikely that GW, natural or of the A kind will give us anything to worry about. Historically a warmer planet is a healthier and more productive planet, there is no reason to believe extreme weather events will get any worse than they have been and sea levels will rise modestly.

    Now the possibility of global calling, that is something to worry about. Well if your the worrying kind. I shan’t be losing sleep over either possibility.

  2. I was reading an authority on the British countryside recently; he asserted that no-one knows why malaria disappeared from Britain.

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