Olympic Diving

Well, yes:

But hang on a minute. You\’re eighth in the world at a sport! Admittedly, a slightly weird sport, but eighth! That\’s brilliant! I\’m not eighth in the world at anything.

But, umm, as far as I can work out, there\’s only 8 (teams of) competitors in the synchronised diving at the Olympics.

8 thoughts on “Olympic Diving”

  1. I think the point is that there are other syncronised divers.

    But this is a bit specialised, no? I think I’m in the top 8 in the world at leaving comments on this website. I’ll fight Mark for the silver.

  2. Why do folk take up some completely useless, pointless activity, and contrive to have it listed as an olympic sport?

    There is a point to being able to run fast, jump, swim, shoot straight, cover long distances, or ride a horse over difficult jumps or across country. Some of these things are useful skills for survival, or victory in battle. But a lot of the rest is just vanity. It’s about looking good while you do something stupid.

    What will it be next? What about grown men and women biting crocodiles, and trying not to get bitten right back.

    Or synchronised looking for a gas leak with a lighted match. Running with scissors?

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