In order to address health inequities, and inequitable conditions of daily living, it is necessary to address inequities – such as those between men and women – in the way society is organized. This requires a strong public sector that is committed, capable, and adequately financed. To achieve that requires more than strengthened government – it requires strengthened governance: legitimacy, space, and support for civil society, for an accountable private sector, and for people across society to agree public interests and reinvest in the value of collective action. In a globalized world, the need for governance dedicated to equity applies equally from the community level to global institutions.

You know, I think they might just be calling for the creation of a social democratic nirvana here?

Is it possible that they might have, umm, pre-judged the issue?

2 thoughts on “Phew!”

  1. That depends on what the viewpoint is. From our European viewpoint, yes, it sounds like this. But if you stand in say…. Somalia, it sounds quite reasonable in fact. 🙂 It all depends on what you mean with the words like “strong public sector”. Is the US public sector strong in the eyes of WHO?

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