Please, can we hang these fuckers?

Pretty please? I\’ll even provide the lamp post if necessary:

A volunteer coastguard crew face disciplinary action after going to the rescue of a teenage swimmer in a boat that had recently been repaired and was awaiting a seaworthiness inspection.

The four crewmen were on duty at Hope Cove in South Devon when the 15-year-old girl was swept out to sea by a powerful rip tide. They braved heavy surf to launch their 17ft rigid inflatable.

The girl was rescued by a diver and the coastguard crew brought her ashore. But within hours their boat had been confiscated and the station officer and his crew had been threatened with disciplinary action.

The boat had been out of service since June and the 11-strong crew, fed up with waiting for it to be repaired by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), spent £2,000 of their own money on the work. But the repairs had yet to be approved and the boat – which has rescued more than 120 people since 2000 – was languishing in the boathouse at the pretty fishing village awaiting a further inspection.

Yes, really, you can\’t launch the rescue boat to save someone (or, in this case, to attempt to) because you\’ve not got the right tick on your docket. How did a free and independent people manage to end up being ruled by such miserable little fuckwits?

Ian Pedrick, 49, the station officer, radioed for permission to launch the boat because the girl was already 150 yards out to sea but the crew lost radio contact with coastguard headquarters at Brixham and went ahead with the rescue.

Within three hours the boat was towed away by a senior MCA officer and is now locked in a garage at their office five miles away in Kingsbridge.

That\’s, umm, the only boat covering that part of the coast you know. If the children are being naughty then of course they must have their toy taken away, don\’t you think?

“The boat at Hope Cove is vital because it takes 25 minutes for the lifeboat to get from Salcombe and a swimmer could easily drown. When the MCA withdrew the boat in June they said it would be for six weeks but the crew wanted it back as soon as possible so they paid for the repairs themselves.

“They were then told it had to stay off service until it was surveyed and that would have taken it out for the whole of the summer season. Anyone would have done the same thing when they saw the girl in trouble.”

Quite: anyone with a modicum of feeling for their fellow human being that is.

Let us, for a moment, just imagine that because the boat had not been inspected it could in fact have been dangerous to use it. Does that mean that we should punish those who do use it to attempt to save the life of another?

Well, no actually: what we normally do with those who risk their lives to save that of another is praise them. Call them heroes even: we regard it as admirable behaviour to risk all to save those in peril.

So what is the response from the ghastly little shit of a PR drone?

A spokesman for the MCA said: “The health and safety of the boat crews and those who they may render assistance to is of paramount importance.”

He added: “Search-and-rescue effectiveness will not be compromised by the suspension of the general purpose boat. These general purpose boats are additional facilities and are not generally used as part of the first response to an incident.

“We have identified serious breaches of health and safety procedures and they are currently being investigated. The boat has been stood down for a further eight weeks while we investigate the possibility of repair or replacement.”

There\’ll be no allowing friends, if there are any, to pull on this man\’s legs to reduce the agony when that hempen horde catch up with him.

A reminder this is of one of the greatest decisions ever in history. The Royal National Lifeboat Association decided many years ago not to take a single penny of public money. They are entirely funded by charity. So at least we have an example of how things should and can be done, without the dead (soon to be Inshallah!) hand of the bureaucracy of the State and their disgusting little minions.

Hang them, hang them all.

17 thoughts on “Please, can we hang these fuckers?”

  1. What would the PR shit have said if the crew had left the boat in the shed and the girl had drowned? The 2 PCSOs who obeyed their stupid H&S rules not their consciences and didn’t try to save Jordan Lyon haven’t exactly been publicly feted.

    Let’s be honest – if they had taken a private, uninspected RIB – even borrowed one from the local dinghy club, this would have been a success.

    But, sad though it is and you are right to scream about it – lives are clearly at risk to protect bureaucratic arses – this is overwhelmed in vacuity by this. (H/t Mr Paine.

  2. I wish it was unfuckingbelievable but sadly it is not. When will the British people wake out of their stupor and reassert their right to live a life without constant meddling by wankers like the MCA?

    Too many bureaucrats, not enough lamp posts and not enough angry people.

  3. “but the crew lost radio contact with coastguard headquarters”

    I’m sure the H&S people will look into that as well.

  4. /applause. Great post!

    From the website of the MCA: ““Our highly trained Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre personnel are ready to respond to emergency calls 24-hours, 365 days a year for the UK coast and surrounding waters.””

    Yeah. Sure they are…

  5. Surely the appropriate action would be to tow these fucktards several miles out to sea. Then throw several tonnes of fish blood and guts around them, then leave them to it.

    Utter CUNTS.

  6. Apart from anything else… ““They were then told it had to stay off service until it was surveyed and that would have taken it out for the whole of the summer season.

    Who the f*ck are they employing to do the survey? I had a 13-metre sailing yacht fully surveyed (including rigging) in about 12 working hours, that equates to about 40 minutes for a poxy little RIB.

    You’re right… Hang the lot of them.

  7. They seem to have the time and resources to trundle round and impound the vessel, but not to inspect it.

    What gets me is the boilerplate newspeak that curls out of the PR Johnny. Is there some College of Further Indoctrination that these Fifth Columnists are sent to?

  8. I had dealings with the coastguard 30 years ago. They were utterly fucking useless so I and a couple of other passersby rescued the two blokes who were drowning.

  9. Class 1 category A ‘crats.

    As are the jobsworths in Restormel who go around putting parking tickets on the cars of RNLI crewmen who had left cards on their vehicles to say they were out on a shout.

    And the railway “worker” who chucked a young returned serviceman off a train. The lad had mislaid his railcard, but was still in desert battledress.

    I’ll contribute a nice strong rope.

    So that’s 2 extra lampposts, and 1 extra rope we need to find. I’m sure we will get plenty of offers, it’s a generous crowd on this site.

    We will need to hang them together, in a nice straight line so the publicity photographs look good. I reckon somewhere on the windswept moors above Blackstone Edge reservoir, just off the M62. Really atmospheric…

    Could anyone have a go at doing a voice-over for the commemorative DVDs?

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