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So, that thing with the Great Big Viking is definitely over. No doubt DK or Mr. E will give us the (quite horrifying)  story of Polly lusting after the Boy Dave (M).

For that\’s what this is:

Suddenly everything changed. The burst of optimism was so startling it dazzled those too long trapped deep in a dungeon. In that one moment it was all over for the old leader who had plunged them into these depths. Suddenly here was the chance of escape everyone was waiting for.

David Miliband stepped up as the man with a plan to take the fight to the Tories, the man to free the party from the bondage of disastrous leadership. With the deftest of brush strokes in his Guardian article, he painted the policies of optimism. Any gleam of hope looks like a blinding revelation to a party stuck at a terrifying 25% in the polls. But here was a sketched outline of radical policies. Judging from an avalanche of emails pouring in, out there Labour people are ready to return if the party offers something better.

He set a small stone rolling down the hill, its effect unpredictable: already it has become a boulder. His press conference and performance on the Jeremy Vine Show gave his party the chance to look at him in a new light. His breezy ease was at odds with previous awkward appearances – notably a bad speech at the last Labour conference. He dismissed suspicion that this silver-spoon-fed political princeling hadn\’t the guts to reach for the sword in the stone, nor the muscle, the will or the street-fighting canniness for power.

I\’m not sure whether I should be eager to read their tomes or if I should prepare for the inevitable revulsion at the images they conjure up.

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  1. They both seem to be elsewhere. I, unfortunately, couldn’t help myself. But I somehow couldn’t personally imagine anything as horrible as Polly and Milibland getting jiggy. I’ll have to leave that to my betters.

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