Polly\’s new book

By, erm, page 51, she\’s become confused about the difference between a PLC and a publically listed company.

Oh dear, does not bode well.

5 thoughts on “Polly\’s new book”

  1. if that’s the biggest mistake you’ve found after 51 pages, I’d say it bodes rather well.

    Come on Tim, if you’d found an error that small in the writing of somebody you were predisposed to agree with, it wouldn’t bode anything at all. Confusing Plc with being listed is a common mistake – I remember not knowing the difference myself, and I don’t think that would have disqualified me from writing about has nasty rich people are, or whatever she’s on about.

    Does she make any effort to select a random sample of rich people to base her analysis on, by the way? Or does she just find the nastiest she can find in order to tell us that the rich are nasty?

    nb – if you look up plc on wikipedia, they get it wrong too I think

    Tim adds: That’s not the worst in 51 pages, by no means. It’s just one of the simplest to explain. She gets very confused between wealth and income several times, she calls Richard Murphy a “tax expert” and relies upon the figures from his “Missing Billions” report, complains that only shareholders are allowed tospeak at a shareholders meeting (!), misunderstand the principal agent problem, thinks there are no deadweight ocsts to taxation, misunderstands the incentives evolution provides toprovide for your own children not those of others….and page 51 is still only in chapter 2.

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