I mean, I know this is all just for pie-munching Northerners, but you just know that after this it\’s going to be the Morlocks, the sweaties and the web-footed Anglians. And sooner or later this shit is going to infest civilisation as well.

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  1. I left the following comment over at Obnoxio’s:

    Except, Mr Angryman, fat kids won’t necessarily be fat adults and being a skinny kid and a fat adult is worst of all:


    Being overweight as an adult, as opposed to obese, is positively healthy. But you’re not supposed to know that. See how the good news is presented here:


    “Overweight was associated with a slight reduction in mortality (–86 094 deaths)”, which compares to obesity being associated with an increase of 111 909 deaths. Note the use of the word slight even though the overweight reduction is 77% of the obesity increase.

    But then they excel themselves with this slight of hand:

    “Thus, for overweight and obesity combined (BMI 25), our estimate was 25 814 excess deaths”. Unbloodybelievable.

    In this article (based on the same data) they can only bring themselves to acknowledge that:

    “Overweight was not associated with excess mortality.”


    So why don’t they want us to know that being a little portly is good for us? If, as medical professionals, they know we’d be better off with a BMI of 28 rather than 24, what is their motivation in telling us to lose weight?

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