Republicans and Obama


But I’m having a particularly hard time taking seriously the criticism of Obama’s “celebrity” from the same people who sent a B-movie star to the White House.  Just sayin’.

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  1. A more apt comparison would have been Ahnuld’s election to governor of Cal-e-for-ne-ah, surely…?

    At least (unlike Reagan) he had no real political experience beforehand.

  2. Reagan was governor of a state that has a larger GDP than most countries in the world. Its not like he had run some dinky little state like Arkansas.

  3. Tim – You quote that approvingly, I presume?

    A shame, as Barack Obama is by any measure an unqualified Presidential candidate, without executive experience, who has spent about 60% of his time over the past 9 years running for higher office.

    Reagan governed a state. A big state.

    Tim adds: I do indeed quote that approvingly….but perhaps not for the reason you think. I’m a huge fan of one and two liners. They may or may not be correct in their entirety, but the way in which a phrase can turn an argument fascinates me.

    As an example, Maggie said that there’s no such thing as the State, there is only families and individuals. Boy, has she got stick for that over the years.

    Cameron then said something quite wonderful: there is such a thing as society, it’s just not the same as the State.

    I loved the line, just as I like Lenin’s line, “Who, Whom?”.

    BTW, being little more direct. Barry O is indeed a qualified Presidential candidate, he is of age, of birth and citizenship. That’s all you need: he may be a bad one, might be a good one, might be someone you or I don’t like or do, but qualified he certainly is. You know, this democracy thing, anyone can (subject to those citizen etc things) put themselves forward for election?

  4. I don’t know. I’m a big fan of one-liners myself, but that’s not much of one. The good ones pack a lot of truth and wit into a small space. That one’s just a cheap shot that we’ve heard a thousand times, slightly repackaged to make it topical.

    It does annoy me that the Left still talk about Reagan’s acting as if it were his only qualification for office. He was president of the SAG. You don’t get this with union leaders from any other industry, I notice. No-one ever accuses John Prescott of having been nothing more than a ship’s steward, for instance. Or Dennis Skinner of being just a miner.

    By the way, Tim, if you like one-liners, read some Michael Marshall Smith.

    Tim adds: Well Fatty Soames used to do just that to Prescott. Whatever I think of Prescott, Soames’ continual heckiling of “mine’s a gin and tonic” made me hate the fat bastard.

  5. “No-one ever accuses John Prescott of having been nothing more than a ship’s steward…”

    True. A bar-steward now…

    At least, I think that’s how they were prouncing it. ;0

  6. Pithy encapsulation, breferably in one line? Talk of ships’ companies? I am irresistably reminded of the signal sent by the commander of the first US vessel to engage an enemy vessel in the Secind World War, one David Mason:

    “Sighted sub, sank same.”

  7. I suspect many men can rise to the challenges of both showbusiness and government.
    But it helps if he can identify which business he is in at the time, and proceed accordingly.

    But what amazes me about this bloke, is that at such a young age, with only a few years in Chicago politics, he already has so many skeletons busting out of the cupboard.

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