Searching the ONS site

I can never find anything there at all. It\’s an appalling site to try and get around.

So, anyone rather better at it than I?

This is what I\’m after:

In other words, pay differences are about children, not about sex. This is borne out by a little-read report by Debra Leaker of the ONS, which suggests that when you compare the earnings of single childless women and single childless men – and that includes the widowed and divorced – the gap in median pay is actually in women’s favour.

Ta to Mark in the comments.


Family characteristics The gender pay gap of full-time employees varies by married/cohabiting status. Men and women who are not married or cohabiting have similar hourly pay, £8.72 for men and £8.82 for women, resulting in a gender pay gap of –1.1 per cent. However, the gender pay gap for married/cohabiting couples is 14.5 per cent. The gender pay gap increases with the number of children present in a family. The average hourly pay of a full-time woman with one dependent child is £9.32, compared with £10.63 for full-time men, resulting in a gender pay gap of 12.3 per cent. In comparison, in a family where four or more dependent children are present, the gender pay gap stands at 35.5 per cent.

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  1. “The average hourly pay of a full-time woman ”


    Timmy, are some folk being paid a full time salary for being women?

    And why are only some of them full time? Last time I looked, that was a fairly static discriminant. Once you got the titties that was it, you were full time.

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