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I do wonder sometimes. Here\’s a piece on sex and childbirth.

OK, the set up is that the woman has gone off sex a bit after having the child. Nothing unusual there at all. The bloke\’s a bit miffed by this, nothing unusual there at all either.

The advice? Get him to care for the baby a bit.


Look, \’e\’s not miffed because there\’s now three of them, he\’s miffed because he\’s not getting any. Why not tell her to lie back and think of England occasionally to keep him happy?

After all, we all do things in a relationship that we\’re not all that keen on, just to keep the relationship going, don\’t we? I\’ve been clothes shopping for example…..

5 thoughts on “Sex Advice”

  1. Women don’t want sex unless they’re feeling sexy.

    It’s hard to feel sexy when dealing with a leaky sprog 24/7. In addition, her hair’s probably falling out, she’s still fatter than she’d like, and she’s so knackered that she knows why sleep deprivation is near the top of the torturer’s list of effective interrogation methods.

    The best rationale (minus the touchy-feely psychological issues stuff) for the chap taking care of the baby for a bit, means the woman can a. get a bit of rest and b. feel like a woman instead of a mother for a while.

    And a massage doesn’t hurt and often leads to better things…:-)

  2. Its not that bad advice. A few dirty nappies is enough to reduce the most rampant testosterone fueled male into an apathetic android.

  3. @Serf

    The first time my husband saw one of those, his precise words were,”Hey – Ghostbusters!”

    Laughter is an excellent aphrodisiac.

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