Software Information Bleg

OK, I\’m going to need to use a nifty little piece of software in this new job as a press officer.

But first of course I need to find that nifty piece of software.

I used to use Telemagic two decades ago (yes, really!) and that would certainly do what I want to do. However, it\’s really rather too complex (and expensive perhaps). It\’s also no longer sold nor supported by Sage.

But here\’s what I need to be able to do.

Create a database of a few hundred customers (ie, recipients of press releases). Name, phone, fax, email etc.

I also need to be able to sort them by region etc.

OK, I know that this is pretty simple stuff so far. You could knock it up in Excel if you tried for example.

However, I want to be able to go one stage further. Say I\’ve got information that I want to send to all fax machines in the NW region, or London, or national papers, or regionals, perhaps (or perhaps not also) to all emails in the NW etc. I want to be able to point to the document that\’s to go, sort the databse so that I\’ve got all of those numbers and addys, hit the tit.

The program then accesses a broadcast fax application plus an email one so that they all get sent off.

Now it seem to me that this is pretty much a staple of all CRM systems. I might also want a notes area so that I can take down the results of any interactions with a particular entry on the database.

But that\’s really ascomplicated as I want to get. Nothing more. And it\’s a damn small database too, a few hundred entries at most.

So, is there a robust and cheap (even freeware) thing based upon mySQL or something that does this?

If so, where?

12 thoughts on “Software Information Bleg”

  1. Fax ’em all, fax ’em all, fax ’em all,
    The long and the short and the tall,
    Fax all the journos and their bastard sons,
    Fax all……….

  2. Heh! I’d like to see a transcript of your interview, Tim!

    Interviewer: So Mr Worstall, how do you propose to do this job?

    Tim: Fuck knows. But I’ll stick a post on my blog and ask a few questions, hopefully one of my readers will come up with something.


    Tim adds: But, but, this is Web 2.0 isn’t it?

  3. Contact Tracker, sold by

    and a UK branch in Kent

    is a development of Tracker, which I used 10 years ago and found very good.

    Do not know if it suits your purposes, but you can get a 1 month trial CD for free.

    Alan Douglas

  4. SugarCRM is buggy as hell. We just tried it and ditched it for work. seems to work fine as general purpose CRM. For emails is excellent.

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