Squeal Again!

WHO is the mandated leader in global health. It is time to enhance WHO’s leadership role through the agenda for action on the social determinants of health and global health equity.

A report from WHO says that WHO is very important, oh yes indeed.

Bit of a surprise to see that in there, isn\’t it?

6 thoughts on “Squeal Again!”

  1. I have struggled through this sequence of posts with mounting incredulity.

    Jeez, how my socialist-minded chums will seize on this – the WHO, no less, says we need all the things theylove, more equality, better jobs, firmer regulation of markets, an end to markets in health and education. Oh – and a unicorn for all.

    Jesus on a unicycle.

  2. BlacquesJacquesShellacques

    Yo, Tim, post something to let us know you’re OK and the top of your head didn’t blow off.

    Not to worry, everyone knows, WHO’s on first.

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