Testing GM trees

Not sure you understand this "test" idea yet dear:

But Clare Oxborrow, GM campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: "We have major concerns. We have no idea what the interaction with wild trees could be. There could be unforeseen consequences."

In order to find out we need to grow a few and, umm, find out.

Or has the concept of experimental science passed you by?

4 thoughts on “Testing GM trees”

  1. “Clare Oxborrow, GM campaigner at Friends of the Earth”

    What a long title. Wouldn’t ‘Luddite’ be quicker, and go better on her namebadge..?

  2. It’s like the atom bomb. Kill a whole shootload of people over the space of five years- no problem.

    Kill half a shootload over the space of ten minutes, catastrophe, protests, and allegations of war crimes.

    In the same way- keep dribble feeding a goodly proportion of the world on the brink of starvation, and this is a tribute to the selfless aid worker. Devise a way for the poor to improve their yields by a factor of ten, and you are one evil, filthy bastard.

    It’s called power. And if you hate the western world, you hate power, and efficiency. Because if it catches on, your supplicants may melt away, and who will care about you then? I mean when you are just a washed up old hag?
    What happens when a western harpy runs out of starving brown babies?

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