Thanks Michael

We owe this little problem to Michael Heseltine.

MOD officials are said to be in talks with foreign powers to offload the Eurofighter Typhoons after running up a £2 billion deficit.

The Royal Air Force had ordered 144 Typhoons and is committed to buying a further 88 after signing up to a trade agreement with Spain, Italy and Germany.

The MOD would incur severe financial penalties if it reneged on the deal and is said to be sounding out other countries to take the unwanted jets.

For it was indeed he, in an orgry of federastism, who signed us up to this take or pay contract in the first place.

Gee, thanks Mickey.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Michael”

  1. The UK insisted the penalty clauses be added to ensure our partners didn’t inflate their but to get more of the construction and then reduce it later, or just reduce it for other reasons and drive up the unit cost.

    It didn’t occur to them we might do the same. The biter bit, so to speak.

    Unrelated, but the Typhoon is actually a very good aircraft, we just happen to have an air force half the size it was when they were ordered.

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