That Klein Thesis

Yes, I know that Naomi wrote a book on how the evil marketeers and neocons (a bizarre conjoining in itself) use crisis to advance the right wing agenda.

It\’s just that while many pay lip service to the book, no one actually believes the main thesis.

Capitalist crisis usually spells opportunity for progressives – their moment to point out errors and suggest remedies.

1 thought on “That Klein Thesis”

  1. Most of all the remedies wit which “progessives” concern themselves are themselves outgrowths of the most basic of all progressive chimeras: the desire to reduce the natural rate of interest and to eliminate the costs of having a monetary system in the first place: in essence (in both cases) to get something from nothing.

    Neither has any fundamental relationship to capitalism nor capitalist mode of production. But attempts to reduce or eliminate either have consequences more dire than those whose avoidance has been sought.

    Since emerging as a social and thinking animal, it has been characteristic of many individuals of the species (perhaps even all, at one time or another) to view the social entity itself as the potential source of a “free lunch” unburdened by the risks and pains attendant upon existence as an outright predator or as a parasite.

    Men early learned that the most obvious lessons–those with clearly negative consequences for any social existence whatever–need be inculcated from birth, in the socialization process by which, in stages, the human animal progresses from complete dependency to being a fully-functioning member.

    But certain requirements of a fully-developed social existence were poorly or not at all understood for many thousands of years. Indeed, the very idea that there prevails any regularity whatever in what are now called “economic” relationships is one of hardly 300 years’ existence, has been poorly understood by the small population fraction that makes it an object of study–and not at all by the vast majority of the rest.

    Such ignorance is a luxury the human race can no longer afford.

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