That WHO report

You know, there might just be a political motive here….you never know, eh? For it is indeed the WHO which compiles the statistics on the different health systems around the world. The statistics which place far greater weight upon equity of access and financing than upon anything so crude as the efficiency of said services actually curing disease.

Nordic countries, for example, have followed policies that encouraged equality of benefits and services, full employment, gender equity and low levels of social exclusion. This, said the Commission, is an outstanding example of what needs to be done everywhere.

You don\’t think that they might all be social democrats, do you?

I might even gird the loins and try reading the whole report.

2 thoughts on “That WHO report”

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  2. Tim,

    I feel very socially excluded. I outflow to the tax system, while everyone else seems to be inflowing from it !

    Alan Douglas

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