The Germans

Most amusing.

A German diplomat has criticised a group of bundestag MPs over their behaviour on a recent visit to San Francisco, accusing them of using a racial slur and of choosing sightseeing and shopping above meetings with US counterparts……..Responding on behalf of the committee, he added that the consulate\’s service was "not of the standard we\’re used to … The people at the consulate appear to be used to getting drunk tourists out of prison, but are unaware of the sort of service they should give to German MPs."

Leave aside the point that the consulate is indeed there to get drunk tourists out of prison rather than shepherding around politicians on a junket.

Instead, just remember the words of the Prague Captain of police when discussing drunken British tourists, along the lines of:

Yes, the British when drunk are pretty bad but they\’re still better than the Germans sober.


2 thoughts on “The Germans”

  1. It’s less to do with their nationality than with their profession…

    Actually, I wonder, what possesses an otherwise intelligent and erudite guy like you to post a positively lame and ancient Anti-German hate joke on your blog? I’m not offended as such(it’s a little bit too stupid in an ungood way to get upset with), but it’s like finding a piece of shit on a nice dessert, I first thought I’m on the wrong blog because normally you have more style than this.

    At least you could have picked a funnier joke than this tired old chestnut…

    Tim adds: It’s not a joke: it’s a reported quote from a decade or so back.

    Anyway, what did you mean wrong blog? Have you somehow missed that Iam indeed a chauvinist?

  2. Tim, I doubt the ‘story’ about this joke, if you read it in the paper, the journo sold you a classic urban myth. It’s an old joke, and it is usually told about Anglo-Saxon white males to belittle them as oinks, and that includes you Brits as well. I guess this is the difference between German and English humour, the inside joke is that it Brit humour is never funny, but it can be made hilarious by getting the Englishman to explain it, which is the actual joke.

    As for the chauvinist claim, would you like a medal, or a chest to pin it on? *smirk*

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