This had to be researched?

"Beer goggles" really do work, according to researchers who claim to have proved for the first time that people look more attractive after a drink.

I\’m sure that this says something about the researchers more than the real world. Anyone who had a mildly adventurous youth (whether interms of booze or sex) would confirm this, surely? Only those who didn\’t would even want to test it.

Or perhaps I\’m being unfair about science students. Perhaps it\’s actually evidence of a real thirst for science itself…..yes, everyone knows it but finding out why is important?

2 thoughts on “This had to be researched?”

  1. I’m a physicist and remembering my student days I reckon that you’re being somewhat harsh on science students. As for me, I’ve never been to bed with an ugly woman…

    … Woken up with a few though! 🙂

  2. Dr Marcus Munafo, an experimental psychologist who led the study at Bristol University, said: “The findings are important because of the role drink plays in, for example, unsafe sex.”

    A bottle of WKD for the first person to see this research being used by Alcohol Concern, Department of Health or the BMA in support of their clampdown.

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