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From DK.

I have been tagged to do a new meme by Iain Dale. The conceit is quite simple: every few years there is a momentous event and, much like the Kennedy assassination, you will always remember where you were and how you felt.

Princess Diana\’s death—31 August 1997

From the date I would have been in California. That\’s about it really, didn\’t make much of an impact upon me.

Margaret Thatcher\’s resignation—22 November 1990

Again, from the date, I would have been in Cheltenham. Again, not all that much of an impact or memory. So, a politician loses office….

Attack on the twin towers—11 September 2001

This I do remember clearly. I was in Cascais, Portugal. Working away and my inamorata was watching TV. She called me in having seen the coverage of the first plane striking and I walked into the room just as the footage of the second striking was broadcast live. Feelings? That there was going to be a war over this.

England\’s World Cup Semi Final v Germany in—4 July 1990

I\’m reasonably certain that England have never played Germany in a World Cup. What\’s everyone talking about?

President Kennedy\’s Assassination—22 November 1963

Same as Iain.

I was in my pram gurgling and wetting myself.

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  1. My mother woke me on a Sunday morning and told me she had some bad news. Oh god, I thought, Dad’s had a stroke or the house has burnt down. The relief I felt when she told me it was only Diana that had died was palpable. I went straight back to bed and slept the sleep of the just.

    I heard the news of Maggie’s resignation during a Physics lecture at Imperial college. The student who announced it was very pleased; there were not a few catcalls and boos from the audience.

    Sep 11, 2001. I stumble out of bed horribly hung-over. My room-mate is watching TV. “How many Arabs are there in the Middle East?” He asks. “200 million or so,” I reply. “Would you miss them?” sez he.

    Soccer: meh. I do remember when England beat Germany 5-1 at football but only because it was my 32nd birthday and it was on the TV in the bar where I was getting drunk.

    And JFK, that was about 2100 days before I was born.

    Tim adds: The 5-1 I recall very well indeed. Household finances were such that the inamorata was working in one of the local bars in Cascais. The match coincided with the Marines (Royal version) coming back from Iraq for their first taste of shore alcohol since the invasion (Lisbon is a port, you know?).

    Yes, we had some hundreds of Marines getting wildly drunk and a good time had by all.

  2. JFK – no idea, but you have to remember that much of the fuss about Kennedy is strictly retrospective – if he hadn’t been shot, he’d be remembered as the charming but not awfully bright son of the nazi-supporting bootlegger who bought the election for him.
    Mrs T – no idea.
    9/11 – summoned by a colleague, we surfed until we found good coverage on a Chilean news channel.
    Diana – routed out of bed by dearieshe, who’d seen it on Sky news. The Beeb was ages off the pace.

  3. Diana’s death – At home watching it on TV. I’d just been to The Cross nightclub.
    September 11th: At work on the internet, then on BBC news, and then sadly at a conference with lots of Americans.
    Mrs T’s resignation – English GSCE lesson watching John Hurt’s 1984.
    The World cup game (david not the 5-1 in 2001 but the 1990 Gazza tears one) – in my parents’ living room.

  4. 9/11 — I was doing research at home when my wife called me from her work to say a customer had just heard that a plane had hit one of the towers. They had turned on the tv and she knew immediately that I’d want to see the coverage (history nut that I am). I was watching when the second plane hit. I remeber being very angry and also very curious to see what would happen next.

    Kennedy — I was in my 12th grade English class, right after lunch, less than 100 miles from Dallas. The radio coverage was piped in on the announcing system. All the girls in the class started sobing; the 50-ish woman teacher kept saying how ashamed she was to be an American.

    No memory at all on the other three events.

  5. You young ‘uns are all obviously captive to the media think makers..
    If you are over 70 these all are trifles compared with the events of WW2 etc. and
    the day our dog got run over.

  6. That, if we are being strictly accurate, was West Germany, as in 1966 and 1970. England did not play a unified German team in the finals of a major tournament until 1996.

    You, er, lost on penalties.

    Tim adds: Erm, people are missing the page in the link. What is this talk of a West German (or East German, or Germany) rugby team?

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