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Will health care costs keep rising for ever?

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  1. So long as regulatory costs keep rising then the total health care costs will continue to rise. It is ridiculous that drugs designed to extend a cancer sufferers life for a few months should have to go through the same regulatory hurdles as drugs for general use. Do dying cancer patients worry about increased risk of heart attacks or headaches?

    Tim adds: An announcement in hte papers today on this very point. Free for all on testing pretty much anything on last legs cancer patients.

  2. Kit – the reality is different. There are fewer patients, and drugs come into use often after a Phase II trial, and through experience and on-going trials the best drugs move from being the last-line treatment up to first line treatment.

    I wouldn’t say free-for-all but there is a far far lower barrier for late-stage cancer products. Finding enough patients fast enough is often the biggest issue.

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